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Seeking Pure and Unadulterated MindManager Reviews

Growing up, my parents taught me that it was tasteless to share opinions on a variety of topics with others at the dinner table. Sharing ideas and opinions was a recipe for annihilating a guest’s appetite. And so in an effort to have a peaceful eating experience, we refrained from discussing anything controversial. You can just imagine how quiet…and boring our dinner table was.

Thank goodness for blogging. Reading blogs is a liberating experience for me. A feast full of ideas and opinions that attract both exhibitionists and voyeurs. I still have a healthy appetite for traditional media: TV, newspapers, radio and magazines, but reading blogs provides a way for me to consume unadulterated opinions and ideas.

Have you read the article about MindManager in the NYTimes? I wonder, would the journalist write what he wrote in the way he wrote it if he were writing it on a blog? He wouldn’t have to write to deadline or seek approval from an editor. Did he select the topic on his own or did his editor feed it to him? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the article, but still wonder what an unadulterated MindManager review would be like.

>So here’s my simple request:

Seeking new and experienced MindManager users to post pure and unadulterated reviews on CNET’s Interested parties please share your ideas and opinions about MindManager on CNET.

Thank you,


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