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Mapping all your docs

…And for those of you who have taken to the idea of using a master map as a way to organize your maps (see Mapping Your Maps…I just wanted to point out that you can "bud off" not just maps — but any kind of document you want to create. I have been trying to do this every time I want to create a new document, but I have to say it is a real mental challenge. I am so used to launching Microsoft work to create a new word doc (especially since I use ActiveWorks and can just type in "write" to launch Microsoft Word).

But what I am trying to remember to do now when I want to create a new Word doc (or Powerpoint presentation or anything else) is to go to my Main Map and figure out where I want that new document to reside. I insert a new topic at the appropriate place, name it, then right click to insert a new hyperlink. When the hyperlink window opens, I choose to create a link to a new document, name it the same as I did the topic, add the extension (.doc, .ppt, etc) and click OK. MindManager creates the new document and links it to my Main Map. I click on the link, and start writing.

It does take some getting used to, but the result is a much more (for me) coherent file system.

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