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MindManager Accelerator for Google

A few of our power users have noticed that their Google Smart Map Part in MindManager X5 Pro has stopped working.  We saw this too and concluded that it was caused by either a change to the Beta Google Web Services, or a change to the Microsoft Soap Toolkit that the smart map part uses to communicate with the Google Web Service.  That change could have been introduced by a recent Windows Update.

We have something better!
If any of you have downloaded and looked at the MindManager Accelerator SDK you would have noticed that there is a sample Add-in project with source code that adds Google searching to MindManager X5 Pro’s topic context menu.  This add-in requires the installation of the Microsoft .Net Framework, if you haven’t installed it already.

How do I get it?
Download it from
Accelerator SDK with source code:

How it works
Right-click on any topic and select Google Search from the context menu.  The results are displayed as a subtopic of the selected topic in groups of ten with the first group shown.  Click on a result set and press the [Get Results] button to get the additional results

What’s different?

  • MindManager Accelerator for Google (MMA4Google) is built as a C# add-in using the Microsoft .Net Framework to communicate with the Google Beta Web Service.  The Google Smart Map Part (GSMP) is built using MindManager Macros and uses the obsolete Microsoft Soap Toolkit 3.0.
  • The GSMP displays  up to 10 results.  the MMA4Google displays up to 100 results is sets of 10.
  • The GSMP is activated by dragging it from the Map Parts task pane into a map.  The MMA4Google is activated by right clicking on any topic and selecting Google Search from the context menu.
  • The MMA4Google displays directory categories from the Google Directory
  • The MMA4Google displays mutilingual text results in topics and notes.
  • The MMA4Google searches Google in a background thread so the MindManger UI does not lock up while searching.

What’s next?
This is the first of many demonstrations and samples to come out of the upcoming Mindjet Labs site.  Stay tuned for more cool stuff.

Michael S. Scherotter
Business Solutions Architect
Mindjet LLC

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