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Google-ing blogs

I just tried out the new Google blog search engine at Very impressive. A lot of the Mindjet MindManager Pro 6 blogs I found there we not mentioned on technorati, bloglines or blogpulse.

Go to Google and do a search for Mindjet. You will see quite a few new posts about both the new Mindjet MindManager Pro 6, and the new MindManager Viewer, our new browser-based (IE 5.5 or greater) viewer. Google also has the nicest-looking results display.

On MindManager Pro 6–As an intinerant Tablet PC user, I think that one of the most interesting new features is the ability to create PowerPoint shows with a pen. I can just imagine sitting in a park, tablet in lap, writing down my ideas for a presentation. I jot them down, add some sketches, then use the PowerPoint preview to see what the slide deck would look like. My ink has been recognized into text in the background (I still see ink in my map) so it looks more formal (If I want to keep the handwriting in the slides, I "sketch" my ink.) I switch to manual mode in the slide preview window, change the map on the fly to change individual slides, try on a few different backgrounds, a different layout, and see how it looks.

When I’m satisfied with the form and the content, I export the map to PowerPoint and, without ever having used my keyboard, my slide show is finished. Nice!

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