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HTML code for new Viewer produces full-screen maps

After an interesting first day for new MindManager Viewer, we are starting to get some good feedback from the blogosphere. Nick Duffill, whose company Gyronix develops ResultsManager, runs the Beyond Crayons blog. In his post today (at Beyond Crayons), he provides some HTML for people that want to embed MindManager maps in their blogs or web sites. The code enables maps to be opened in a new  window so the viewer can see a much larger map.

Mindjet’s own Andrew Mochalskyy adds this comment to Nick’s HTML:

Actually if on Nick’s page <BODY> tag is replaced with this tag: <BODY style="OVERFLOW: auto" bottomMargin=0 leftMargin=0 topMargin=0 rightMargin=0> will produce even more interesting output – MM viewer will occupy whole browser area, there will be no margins around between viewer and browser window and browser’s vertical scroller will be hidden, so it will look almost like acrobat reader looks in the browser.

Try it out for yourself!

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