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Mindjet Announces MindManager Pro 6

On Tuesday, September 13th, we at Mindjet proudly announced the latest version of flagship product. The new version, Mindjet MindManager Pro 6, will be available September 20th. Mindjet MindManager Pro 6 offers some nice new integrations to Microsoft Excel and Visio, improvements to our Microsoft PowerPoint export, and many new toolbar icons that will help you create very professional looking maps. We are getting good feedback from beta users about new commands such as “Balance Map” (which evenly distributes topics) and “Align Topics” (which enables you to instantly line up topic text or graphics).

The new MindManager will further improve the ability of individuals and business teams to capture, organize and share ideas and information. As we say in our press release, use Mindjet MindManager Pro 6 to create “blueprints for action”! Here is the press release announcing MindManager Pro 6.

Below you will find a map that uses our new Internet Explorer (5.5 or greater)-based MindManager Viewer to show you in more depth some of the new features. You can install the new viewer here.

Here also are links to some early reviews:

Stay tuned to the Mindjet Blog next week for a series of MindManager Pro 6 launch activities on this and other blogs!

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