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Latest Update: Mindjet Introduces New Browser-Based MindManager Viewer (Beta edition)

Today Mindjet released its new MindManager Viewer Beta, the first browser-based viewer (Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater) designed to enable people without MindManager to get a better feel for how our “maps” operate. Please see below for the growing (and only partial) list of blogs already talking about and demoing the new Viewer.

We think that once people have the opportunity to navigate active maps online, they will see for themselves why MindManager is the easiest way to capture, organize and share information. And the new Viewer makes sharing maps easier than ever.

Mindjet MindManager Viewer Beta will enable people to both view other people’s maps–and to post “active” MindManager maps of their own in their blogs or on their intranets or extranets. With the new Viewer, people without MindManager installed on their desktops will be able to open and close map topics, follow hyperlinks embedded in the maps, search for specific words in a map – as well as to email, print and save maps.  

Follow the links below to download your own copy of Mindjet MindManager Viewer Beta. Once you have a chance to play with it a bit, let us know what you think. We are very interested in hearing what you have to say! Please contact us about the Viewer at

So that’s one piece of news.

The other is as part of the process of introducing the new Viewer, we hope to measure the ability of the blogosphere to get the word out—as compared to the normal channels a company might use to introduce a new product.

Specifically, we have enlisted the aid of a group of people who often blog about our technology—some since the birth of the blogosphere itself (when WAS the blogosphere born, anyway?). We gave them a preview (not as long as we had hoped) of our Viewer, and access to a “deployment guide” that describes how to embed active maps on blogs or web sites. Then we asked them to play around with these new tools and, when we were all set to officially launch the Viewer, to blog about it to their readers.

The following blogs are already talking about the new MindManager Viewer. We will update this list as bloggers from all around the world share their thoughts about the Viewer. But check out these blogs right away for more on the Mindjet MindManager Viewer Beta:

At these blogs, you can get:

  1. Links to the new MindManager Viewer Beta
  2. Instructions on how to embed active maps in your own blogs or web sites
  3. An independent, third-party perspective on the Viewer
  4. Samples of MindManager maps  
  5. Access other content MindManager users often find interesting.

Or, you can go straight to to download the MindManager Viewer Beta Plug-in and Deployment Guide. 

Once you have installed the Viewer beta, you might also want to go to Mindjet’s own Map Gallery to actively browse more maps.

NOTE: While viewing maps with the new MindManager Viewer Beta, you can:

  1. Click on the + or – sign to open or close a topic
  2. Click on any Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint icons, or icons for graphic files, audio files, video files to go immediately to those web sites, documents or files.
  3. Use the Menu at the top of the Viewer screen to print, save or email maps, or to conduct text searches of a map.

So, again, please check out our new Viewer, lets us know what you think at Better yet, tell your friends about the new Viewer. The more people who understand the value of MindManager maps, the easier it will be for all of us to quickly capture, organize and, most important–share information using MindManager’s clear, concise visual map format.

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