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More Space – Nine Antidotes for Complacency in Business

Marc Orchant at theofficeweblog blogged today about a new book called "More Space–Nine Antidotes for Complacency in Business." Orchant wrote one chapter, called “Work is Broken”. "In it," Orchant says, "I talk about the ways technology has changed how business is done and how individuals and organizations have not yet properly adapted to the challenges these changes have wrought. E-mail is broken. Meetings are broken. PowerPoint presentations are broken."
Other contributors to "More Space" include:

  • Jory Des Jardins from Pause 
  • Lisa Haneberg from Managerment Craft 
  • Rob May from BusinessPundit
  • Johnnie Moore from 
  • Robert Paterson from PEI’s Future 
  • Evelyn Rodriguez from Crossroad Dispatches 
  • Curt Rosengren from Occupational Adventure  
  • Jeremy Wright from  
  • Nice crew. Should be a good book–or not a book: It’s interesting that they offer it as a book for sale or a pdf, html or audio file for free. More at theofficeweblog.

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