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“Powered by MindManager”

I have to say that is pretty cool to FINALLY be at a conference where MindManager is ubiquitous. Welcome to BlawgThink: About 100 attorneys meeting in a conference center in Chicago to learn about and share best blogging practices. Two out of three presentations I’ve seen have been run by MindManager, and four of the five presentations stored in BlawgThink’s online file-sharing storage area are mind maps (yes, there was 1 (one) PowerPoint file). It’s great to wander around the halls and see so many people with their laptops open, MindManager on their screens, and either mapping out their notes of the session they are in or, in some cases, working on the presentations they will give…in MindManager. The really interesting thing to me is that "MindManager" and "mind mapping" are not the subjects of the conversations. (We are getting due recognition for providing people with the technology to create the maps here at the event.) People are not here to talk about mapping. They are here to talk about the intersection of law and blogging. MindManager is simply the environment many of the presenters are using to communicate.

For instance, Jim McGee, a consultant and practitioner working to apply information technology within and between organizations and whose blog McGee’s Musings is very popular, used MindManager to present: "Collaboration, KM, and the power of the virtual first impression." This was very cool for me to finally meet Jim. He has been following MindManager for some time–having first started using it about 2000. He partnered in his presentation with Jack Vinson, whose Knowledge Jolt with Jack is another stellar site.

Lots more MindManager-enabled presentations. But the night is late…

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