NEW: MindManager 2018 for Windows – major release!

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Research and Search with MindManager

When we posted the Research Accelerator on our Mindjet Labs we solicited feedback.  We wanted to know how people would use it to do both search and research.  Recently we added Google Desktop Search and Windows Desktop Search so you could search your desktop computer for all of the information in the various files and systems.  We then got an avalance of feedback!  Our users found the Research Accelerator very exciting but they also found they couldn’t search in all of the MindManager Maps that they created.  A partner, IFilterShop makes a plug-in for Microsoft Windows Desktop Search that indexes MindManager Maps but if you used Google Desktop Search, you still couldn’t find the diamonds locked inside your Maps.

Well that’s too big of a hole!

So, on Monday night, after the boys went to bed, I started cracking the Google Desktop API and by Tuesday I had a working prototype that indexed the content in MindManager X5 and MindManager 6 Maps.   

Using Google Desktop Search in the Research Accelerator

Download and try the free Plug-in for Google Desktop Search and tell us what you think!

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