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Mapping the Field of Organizational Theory

Fabrice Cavarretta, on his blog "Mapping OT field," has, like I blogged earlier about Haily doing, has created and posted an incredibly deep set of maps on the subject of Organizational Theory.

Fabrice says that "The maps have been developed in the context of preparing comprehensive examinations. This process was extremely productive since it allowed at the same time massive accumulation, manipulation and memorization of knowledge. It remains to be seen if the results can be used as such by someone else, or only as a suggestion to build one’s own maps."

Maps like Fabrice’s and Haily’s clearly show how the combination of the new MindManager IE browser-based viewer and the maps themselves enable people to share a really pretty staggering amount of information in a very concise way — and in a way that enables the recipient of the information to parse it as they choose.

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