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Mindjet at BlawgThink and Brainjams

We have now had two “Powered by MindManager” events. That title is a bit presumptuous. It is more accurate to say that we have been involved with two events in which the organizers have worked with us to integrate MindManager into the proceedings. This is a new initiative of ours. But we are already in further talks with the organizers of the two following events and are getting interest from a number of high-profile event organizers ready to build into upcoming conferences the kind of interactivity MindManager enables. We will chronicle subsequent “Powered by MindManager” events here on the Mindjet Blog.

Most recently, Mindjet’s own Tom Blossom reached out to Chris Heuer, the organizer behind a series of Web 2.1: A BrainJam for the rest of us events. (Chris came to our attention because Tom saw a resume Chris made using MindManager). As a result, Chris brought Tom and MindManager into BrainJams3Dec2005 held in Menlo Park.


Prior to that, in late October, Matt Homann reached out to us to support his first BlawgThink event. At the beginning of BlawgThink 2005, Matt and his co-organizer and co-host Dennis Kennedy warm up the crowd with some jokes and a softshoe routine.  They are using MindManager first to display the agenda for the two-day event.

Early in the afternoon of the first day (Nov. 11), Bonnie Shucha, who runs the WisBlawg – From the UW Law Library  and Diane Murley, who runs the wonderfuly named Law Dawg Blawg, give an introduction to RSS and News Aggregators.

Later that afternoon, Matt Buchanan, Doug Sorocco and Steve Nipper (here we see a nice shot of Steve’s ear)…gave a presentation on group blogs. The three attorneys have one such blog themselves, ReThink(IP).

Later still, Fred Faulkner, webmaster for the American Bar Association and a prolific blogger in his own right, presented “How’d you do that?  Technical tips, tricks, and problem-solving techniques.”

The inimicals (new word) Jack Vinson and Jim McGee appropriately teamed up to discuss “Collaboration, KM, and the power of the virtual first impression.” But all I could grab was a shot of Jim sitting by himself, next to a shot of his parents.

Finally, a closign shot of one of the BlawgThink participants using MindManager on his Tablet PC to learn how to design a blog.

More “Powered by MindManager” events to come.

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