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At FOSE, Mindjet Announces Role in Bird Flu Treatment Development

Last Tuesday, while attending FOSE, the large federal government-related trade show, Mindjet held a press conference to announce to the media its role in the development of a promising new treatment for bird flu (here is our press release). We had a number of visits from the media on this story, which really exemplifies the value of MindManager as a way to capture, organize and share information.

In this case, the Advanced Medical Countermeasures Consortium uses MindManager both to coordinate research among the member organizations, and to manage research at each site. The consortium is comprised of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense, Harvard Medical School, Meharry Medical College, University of Michigan, East Tennessee State University, Drexel University, Northern Ontario Medical School, AFG Biosolutions, and Amaox, Ltd. They are doing some very advanced, breakthrough work on creating antidotes to a wide range of weapons of mass destruction, and in enabling public health officials to more quickly diagnose people exposed to WMDs.

Here is a photo of the three research scientists who attended FOSE on our behalf to speak to the media. From left to right: Dr. Hongsong Yang, visiting scholar and pediatrician who is responsible for making the “antioxidant liposomes” that deliver anti-inflammatory drugs to patients exposed to bird flu, anthrax or mustard gas; Dr. Bill Stone, a molecular biologist who is directing the research at the James H. Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University (ETSU); and Dr. Milton Smith, founder and president of Amaox, a biotechnology company based in Delaware. Dr. Smith is also the founder and director of the Advanced Medical Countermeasures Consortium.

All in all, FOSE was a very good show for us. Lots of very interested people from all across the federal government and armed services.

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