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GottaBeMobile posts MindManager Ink Show

Dennis Rice and Rob Bushway, creators of the newly minted site, have already posted a Camtasia demo of using MindManager on a Tablet PC.

Dennis writes: “Wanna map out what’s in your mind? Although I realize to some that may be a scary thought, it is nonetheless a great process! In this latest InkShow from, I take a quick look at how to create a mind map of information using the Tablet PC features of Mindjet’s MindManager Pro 6.0. This is a piece of software I use every day in my life…”

MindManager demos like this one (most if not all of which seem to be done with Camtasia) are really starting to proliferate across the blogosphere (why, just read Gaelen’s post two below this one).

And speaking of proliferation, stories of Mindjet’s MindManager IE-Based Viewer Beta being increasingly used by businesses to give their clients an overview of complex projects and plans. We know, for instance, that the Viewer is being used by a telecommunications consultancy in its work with the major telcomm carriers. And an organization that offers products and services to medical facilities is using the Viewer to help these facilities keep up with the very dynamic world of cardiac procedures.

We have had many thousands of IE Viewer downloads since we launched the beta last September. We hope this continues to be a useful way to introduce more people to mapping.

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