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Mindjet Adds WebEx Collaboration to MindManager Pro 6

This morning Mindjet was very pleased to announce a new, free add-in that will enable MindManager users who also use WebEx to start meetings much more quickly than before. "Mindjet MindManager Instant Meeting, powered by WebEx" enables users to instantly launch a WebEx Meeting Center session from within MindManager Pro 6 and invite other team members into the meeting with a minimum of steps. With our MindManager IE-based Viewer out there, and now with this, it is getting much easier for teams and informal or ad hoc groups to get together and share information as maps. (The added advantage of the WebEx piece is, of course, that all participants can not just view but edit the maps.)

We are really looking forward to working with WebEx to introduce its rather large customer base to our application. (As just one part of our co-marketing activities with WebEx, we will soon co-sponsor a webinar that will feature a prominent author. Stay tuned for more on that.)

With WebEx as the place to meet, and MindManager as the way you work once you get there, groups should start seeing a nice boost in the productivity of their virtual meetings.

As we note in our press release: MindManager Instant Meeting is now available as a free add-in, compatible with MindManager Pro 6 and WebEx Meeting Center (full license and trial versions). When installed, it appears as a WebEx icon in the tool tray. Click on the icon, and you immediately launch a WebEx session and can invite others to "come on in." MindManager users without WebEx accounts will receive a WebEx trial that will enable them to initiate free online meetings for 14 days. For complete system requirements and a Quick Tour, please go to

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