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Taming Chaos

Walter Terry has an interesting blog called "Taming Chaos – 28 Days With ResultsManager."  ResultsManager, created by Nick Duffill and Nik Tipler of Gyronix, is designed to use MindManager to implement David Allen’s very popular "Getting Things Done" methodology.

Terry offers a very pragmatic and, occasionally quite frank assessment of project to run ResultsManager through its paces. The blog enables readers to, as he says, "Vicariously experience the trials and triumphs of applying Gyronix’s ultimate professional & personal productivity tool ResultsManager to running my companies, managing projects, completing (and not completing tasks). Will it help me get things done . . . or not? In 28 days it’s Thumb’s Up or Thumb’s Down."

I’m not sure when the 28 days ends. But it looks like Terry will let ResultsManager live! "Here’s a conclusion I’m rapidly drawing about the ResultsManager. Because it automates the tedium of project management so seamlessly, that as much as it is a great management tool for getting things done — it also a tool for generating more peace of mind."

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