NEW: MindManager 2018 for Windows – major release!

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MindManager 6 Mac Ships!

This is a historic day for Mindjet.  Today, we launched our first ever Mac version of MindManager, Mindjet MindManager 6 Mac!

Our Customer Service and Support team has received numerous requests over the years from our customers to create a Mac version.  18 months ago, when we started this project, we decided not to do just a port of our Windows version of MindManger to the Mac, but rather to create a native Mac application with a “Mac-like” interface built from the ground up in Apple’s Cocoa, an object-oriented application environment designed for developing Mac OS X native applications.  MindManager 6 Mac is a Universal application for the Mac that runs great on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs.

A important feature in our Mac version was to make sure that the file format, .mmap, is cross-platform compatible with our Windows versions.  Maps that are created on Windows can be opened and edited on MindManager 6 Mac and vice versa allowing teams to work together even if they are on separate platforms.

We are excited to bring this version to the Mac community and invite you to download it and try it out!

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