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AppleScripts for MindManager 6 Mac

Our talented Mac developers have created some very cool AppleScripts that serve as great examples of what can be done with MindManager 6 Mac’s AppleScript library.  You’ll find them in the Solutions Library of our Mindjet Labs.

If you are familiar with AppleScripting, we encourage you to take a look at our the AppleScript library  inside MindManager 6 Mac and create your own AppleScripts.

Link to sample MindManager 6 Mac AppleScripts

Color Main Topic Lines – The Color Main Topic Lines script takes a pre- existing map and changes the line color of each of the main topics so that they take on the colors of the rainbow.  A cool time saver that make your maps look great!

Map to OmniOutliner – This sample script demonstrates how an application can walk through the hierarchy of a map and transfer information from the topics of the map to another program. In particular, this script creates an OmniOutliner document whose outline structure matches that of a map.

OmniOutliner to Map – This sample script demonstrates how to build a map from hierarchical data found in another application. The script takes the front most document in OmniOutliner and builds a map in MindManager whose structure matches the outline.

Map to Pages Outline – The Map to Pages Outline samples both convert the structure of a map into a linear outline form and save the resulting text into Apple’s Pages word processor.  There are two versions of the script which each represent the structure of the outline, in Pages, in their own way.  MapToPagesOutlineWithTabs will indent subtopics in the outline by prefixing the topic text with tab characters.  This make the outline structure of the resulting document very apparent.  MapToPagesOutlineWithIndents uses Pages’ own outline capabilities.  The script changes indent level of the paragraph corresponding to a topic to reflect its level in the outline’s hierarchy.

Mail to Map – The Mail To Map sample script demonstrates how MindManager can represent information from other applications in new, and helpful ways.

The script examines the mail messages in Apple’s built-in e-mail client (often known simply as “Mail” or “”) and builds a map based on the contents of the currently selected mail messages in Mail.  It collects a list of the senders for each e-mail in the selection and creates a main topic for each unique sender.  For each e-mail sent by that person, it adds a subtopic that includes information about each e-mail that the person sent.

Spotlight to Map – The Spotlight To Map sample script is an example of an AppleScript Studio application. The objective of the sample is to demonstrate how to capture information in MindManager through AppleScript. This sample is packaged as a zip archive which contains the sample in both source code form and as a built executable.

The SpotlightToMap application allows you to search the contents of your hard drive for a word or phrase, and collects the results of that search into a map with the  query results sorted into categories within a map. The application relies on the Mac OS X Spotlight search engine to perform the query.

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