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Gnomedex 6.0 Day Two

Here are the maps from Gnomedex 6.0 – Day Two. Many thanks to Mindjet user interface designer Gerelee Goltsev for creating most of the maps.

After conducting an informal survey of about 25 Gnomedexers, the overall impression I got was that attendees generally found the maps to be a useful addition to the event. I think that was particulary true this year, given the amount of interaction event organizers Chris and Ponzi were able to accomplish. Many people said that they appreciated having a visible record of each event posted up on the screen so that if they left the hall for a moment, they could come back, take a glance at the map projected on the screen, and immediately be back up to speed on the discussion. Others felt that while they did not look at the maps much during a “presentation” an interaction, they were glad to know that concise notes would be available.

We would be very interested to know what YOU thought of having the maps created and projected live.

Click here to install the Windows Viewer
Click here to install the OPML editor for Windows

Click here to install the Mac Viewer
Click here for the Map to OmniOutliner applescript (for OPML view)

Click here to download Chris Pirillo Opening Remarks Day Two

Click here to download Dave Winer

Click here to download Philip “Pud” Kaplan

Click here to download Chris Messina & Tara Hunt

Click here to download Ethan Kaplan

Click here to download Halley Suitt

Click here to download Blake Ross

Click here to download Jeremy Zawodny

Click here to download Phil Torrone

Click here to download Chris and TagJag

Download Days 1 + 2 Maps

Download Day 2 Maps 

At the close of Day Two, Gerelee thanks Chris for the opportunity to “Map Gnomedex.”

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