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Heading to Mashup Camp

I’m off to another event to evangelize about MindManager as a synergist for other software systems.  This time, I’m going with our hot-shot solutions engineer Vivek Vishist to Mashup Camp.  We’re going to learn about all of the innovation coming out of all of the new Web 2.0 companies that are publishing services and the innovators who are combining them together in unexpected ways. 

If you have followed my posts, it would be clear why we’re going:  since MindManager has an open API and XML data format, it is an ideal platform to synthesize data from various sources and act upon it.  MindManager is a mashup platform and I want everyone there to see that.  If you are going, look for me and Vivek (we will be the ones with blue memory sticks loaded with MindManager hanging from our necks).  We will be there to show you how to mashup using MindManager. 

So here’s the pitch:

If you want to get your web service in front of 750,000 business users (who pay for software) while they are brainstorming, planning projects, or managing business processes, then you need to see how MindManager can interact with your web service.

See you there!

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