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Mapping Software Development Projects

Andy Makar has written a nice piece on using mind mapping to improve the software development process. Mind-Mapping for Quality (a PDF…you have to scroll to page 18 and subsequent pages for the story. I wasn’t able to get it to print) was published in the July 06 issue of Software Test & Performance Magazine.(

The first thing I noticed about the article was the clear way he explained mind mapping and how it improves project planning. We occasionally joke around here about how people OUTSIDE of Mindjet are better than those of us INSIDE at describing what we do (we actually do a fine job of it :O).

So there’s all the language Andy uses to describe how to integrate mapping into the software dev process. And then there is a comparison of various mind-mapping applications (guess which one he likes best) and two resources I had not been aware of:

  1. evidently provides more than 25 mind-mapping podcasts
  2. for mapping strategies for project management, information management and strategic planning.

Plus it has a couple of nice maps and a very large cross section of the human head (not sure what they had to do to come up with that image).

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