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GottaBeMobile demos MindManager on Tablet PCs

Dennis Rice and the folks at GottaBeMobile have just posted a great, in-depth (about 28 minutes) demo of using MindManager Pro 6 in the Pen Mode on a table PC. This is the second such Camtasia screencast of a MindManager demo he has posted. I think it’s a great example of how blogs add so much value to products. It’s one thing for the manufacturer of a piece of software or some other product to show you how to use it–and quite another when an actual user does it.

Imagine if the people who manufacture kids toys–instead of or in addition to the ever-so-helpful instructions they include with your average 1000+-piece bike kit–imagine that they gave you access to a video of an actual consumer assembling the bike. True, they probably wouldn’t want to publicize a six-hour video that shows a grown man or woman reduced to tears. But if they did, it might shave a minute or two off the process for the rest of us poor souls.

Anyway, great work by the great people at GottaBeMobile. Check it out!

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