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Project Anvil / Mind mapping survey

Microsoft Security MVP Dana Epp has posted a very nice screencast on using MindManager to map out a new software development project. It is one part of Dana’s project to, as he says, "be completely transparent and show my readers on my blog how I go about building a product. One man. One product. 30 days. Recorded via traditional text blogging, augmented with screencasts using Camtasia Studio." And the screencast has the added bonus of being on a Tablet PC. Interesting content–and great demo of using MindManager on a tablet.

Meanwhile, InnovationTools proprietor Chuck Frey has just posted an online survey on mind mapping. Start on his blog here for background on why he is doing the survey, and follow the link from there to the survey itself. I highly recommend, urge and encourage you to go to his blog and take the survey. He will be sharing the results of the survey–and we will all be the better for it.

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