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What would a Mindjet online community look like?

I would be interested in hearing what you think would be some of the key elements of the Mindjet online community of the future. We are always looking for better ways to get MindManager users together–with each other, with new users–and with new content. For instance, Michael Scherotter has recently relaunched the Mindjet Labs at and has gotten great response. In terms of building community, the Labs provides forums where people of like interest can congregate. Have you checked them out? Is there a forum for you? (If not, let me know and we can start one.)

We know very well that there are many many MindManager users out there: How they use MindManager is as diverse as the users themselves. We’d love to be able to engage in a more vibrant dialog with all of you and think an online community will help. Do you agree? Do you work with other products whose companies are doing a good job of "delighting you" (as one writer puts it)?

For various technical reasons, I am migrating this conversation over to my new blog, Hobart’sMindjet Blog II, located inside the Mindjet Labs blog. Please feel free to come on over and join in the conversation!


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