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Is our Word 2007 add-in good or bad for Mindjet?

As many of you may know, Michael over in the Mindjet labs recently released an add-in that enables Word 2007 to act as an editor for MindManager maps–even if the person using Word does not have MindManager.

We are going to be talking more about this in the coming weeks as we try to ride the coattails of Microsoft’s official launch of Office 2007 in New York on Nov. 30th. But this add-in raises an interesting (well, to us, anyway) question about what the effect will be of enabling non-Manager users to edit maps. Do you think that this add-in will:

  1. Introduce more users to MindManager since the "ribbon bar" that the add-in creates exposes Word users to a map view of the document AND the ability to add icons, markers and resource info to their text document–kindof a cool thing when you think about it.
  2. Or will the add-in keep these same users from taking a closer look at and maybe buying MindManager — since they can now share information directly with map makers without having to buy our software?

We are betting on #1. But what do you think?

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