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See the Real Me! Gasp! And a few questions for you

Thanks (or not) to Brian Friedlander at Assistive Tech, who suggested a "group Skype" to address the issue of what an online Mindjet community might look like, I am now the proud owner of a LogiTech UltraVision camera. Skype me at hobieswan and you will automatically see a live image of me. I had a call with Brian in which he showed up in my Skype window and I thought it was pretty cool.

As to the "or not": This camera seems to add about 20 years to me. It’s rough! Luckily, I’m not too vain, so Skype away. And let me know if you would be interested in a group Skype call. I’ve never done one. Brian says it can handle up to, I think he said 100 users. Wow! That’s a lot of hot air. I guess we should consider global warming before we try this.

We are looking at our positioning here and Mindjet and so have some questions for you, if anyone would care to weigh in on this (if you do, it woudl be great if you could provide me with your name, your title and/or what you do at your company, how long you have used MindManager, how many others you work with and what you use MM for when you do). 

OK, here are the questions (the first two might seem a little like pop psychology. Please bear with use! :o): 

  1. When you hear the word Mindjet – what do you think about?
  2. When you hear the word MindManager – what do you think about?
  3. How did you find out about MindManager?
  4. Why did you decide to use MindManager?
  5. What product do you use…Basic or Pro?
  6. Why did you select the edition (Basic or Pro) you did and what do you use it for?
  7. Did you evaluate any other applications or Tools?  
  8. If you could do one thing to make the product better – what would it be and why?

If any of you subscribe to Hobart’s Mindjet Blog II, you will see the exact same thing there, lazy person that I am…

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