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Exploring your goals, with Dave Lakhani

About four months ago, Shawn Twing at MindMappingStrategies gave me a head’s up that a guy named Dave Lakhani, who I had never heard of, has mentioned us in a book called "The Power of an Hour." I did a bit of research on the book and discovered that it had recently been among the top 10 best sellers at Amazon. Hmmm…interesting. So I checked it out a bit further and discovered that Dave works about ten blocks from my home in Boise, Idaho. My homey!!

"Long story short…" as Buzz Bruggemen would say (by the way, if you haven’t heard of Buzz’s ActiveWords, you must check it out–way cool way to jump your productivity!)…Dave and I are doing a webinar next Wednesday at 2 PM MOUNTAIN (1 PM Pacific, 3 PM Central and 4 PM Eastern for the rest of you not fortunate enough to live in the…western Pacific Northwest and other mountainous areas).

As with David Allen, GTD, Dave Lakhani provides us with a way to gather our thoughts–and then turn those thoughts into action. Hey wait a minute–that sounds exactly like MindManager. No wonder we are having him on.

Hope to hear you there.

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