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Mindjet Webinars Hitting Record Numbers

For those of you who have followed our webinar series of late, you might have noticed that we are getting an incredible response (WebEx has co-sponsored the larger of these events, which we appreciate very much!).

Our next webinar, to be held tomorrow with Dave Lakhani, is full, so we are asking people to register to receive a link to the recorded webinar.

We want to sincerely thank all of you out there who actually pay attention to our webinar series–and who are passing news of these events on to your friends and colleagues.

Yes, we do slant all of these webinars toward our products (we may diverge from this from time to time as we move forward) but we try, in the process, to deliver what we think is some interesting stuff.

Stay tuned to our Mindjet Events Page for upcoming webinars. We have some really cool ones in the planning stage. And while we will do all we can to increase our capacity, it never hurts to sign up early to make sure you have a seat at the main event.

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