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Tony Tagged Me

Tony Goodson just tagged me and four other people to blog 5 things that people don’t know about me. Thanks, Tony. I will pass this on:

  1. I have had a crazy string of "careers" in my life including (but not by any means limited to) puppeteer, Alaska King Crab fisherman, journalist, videographer, sign painter and restauranteer (a group of us ran the first organic restaurant in Olympia, Washington).
  2. Did you know that I work out of Boise, Idaho? I started out working for Mindjet in the San Francisco Bay Area, then moved to Idaho to get closer to skiing.
  3. I have this idea for a kid’s toy…
  4. I played George Harrison in a sixth grade skit about the Beatles. The girls went wild…sort of…If my hair weren’t short and not black and not curly, and if I had known how to play the guitar and/or sing, I’m sure they would have been much more enthusiastic
  5. Speaking of which…I used to play trumpet as a kid. But I was so small and so energetic that I would often black out from blowing too hard.

And I tag Marc Orchant (oops, someone already tagged him!…nearly a year ago. Hmmm, I guess this is a bit of an old meme. Who cares, it’s a cool one!

OK, I will tag Nick Duffill (who, by the way, will hate being tagged. Sorry, Nick! :o), Jamie Nast, Robin Capper, Jason Dorko and Chuck Frey.

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