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America’s Best Sommelier Uses MindManager® to Prepare for Global Wine Competition

How did Aldo Sohm earn his reputation as America’s best sommelier? Part of his winning strategy has been to use MindManager to create maps that “help him visualize the links among wines, regions, soils and more,” as recently told to Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg of the Washington Post.

Sohm has won awards as a top sommelier in Austria several times since 2002 and was voted the best sommelier this year by the American Sommelier Association. He will join 46 wine connoisseurs on the Greek Island of Rhodes next month to take part in the International Association of Sommeliers competition, which involves preparing for blind taste tests, a food/wine pairing segment, and a written test on his knowledge of wines from all over the world.

Perhaps it’s MindManager’s ability to capture large amounts of information in one central and organized interface that makes it an idea application for Sohm to successfully track the often subtle differences that exist between the tens of hundreds of wines he may try per day of competition.


In the full article, he said, "every time I sample a wine, I scan it for data,” later adding background on the details that he must remember in a short period of time, that set each wine apart from one another." During a competition, I’ll have just three minutes to describe a wine’s color, nose and taste; determine its quality level; recommend a food pairing; and come as close as possible to naming its varietal, vintage and region of origin."

Mindjet wishes Sohm the best of luck with the International Association of Sommeliers’ competition! Click here to read the full article on Sohm in the Washington Post.

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