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Link your Mind Mapping / MindManager blog to the Mindjet Blog and Vice Versa

Attention Bloggers:

To follow up on our "Mindjet Recommended Blogs" posting, we’d like to thank everyone who has been contributing-we’ve uncovered from great content and resources thatwe’ll be sharing with you shortly.

We are making sure that everyone who submitted a blog about MindManager for this future posting has been represented in our map and will soon also be listed on our "Blogs" list within the Mindjet blog homepage. If you haven’t submitted blog info to us for our upcoming "Mindjet Recommended Blogs" posting, but want your MindManager/Mind Mapping blog listed on the Mindjet Blog homepage, email

We would also love for you to link your MindManager / Mind Mapping blog to the Mindjet blog. Click here for more information on how it can easily be done.

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