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Customer Story: Using MindManager for Career Development

We wanted to share a map from engineering manager, Trent Jordan, who uses MindManager to advance his career through continuing education. This specific map features content from a virtual course through the University Channel Podcast on the “Psychology of Influence” that Trent attended. “I find (using) MindManager is a good way to capture and remember new information. In my role as a manager, I attempt to influence people everyday so it’s a highly relevant topic.” Trent’s map is a great demonstration of how one can take disparate pieces of complex data and turn it into information that is visually manageable, easier to comprehend, and valuable to their field of work.

Trent discovered mind mapping about 15 years ago and says mind mapping helped him get through his last year in college. Not too long after that, he transitioned to using MindManager within his profession. “I’ve been using it ever since, to help me organize my thoughts and projects at work, and also to record interesting things I come across – like the Cialdini Podcast,” he says. “Mapping this podcast had been on my list of things to do for a while, so testing MindManager 7 was a good opportunity to do it.  I was pretty impressed with the new interface, and I think it will make mapping a lot easier.”

For other creative uses of MindManager and sample map templates, visit the Mindjet Map Library here.

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