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Met a MindManager enthusiast at a Future of Fuels event

The following story comes from Linda Cleary, Marketing Communications Specialist at Mindjet in her own words…

"Local and international business people gathered yesterday evening in Palo Alto to attend GABA’s “Future of Fuels — What Drives Our Cars Tomorrow?” hosted by its Clean Technology and Semiconductor-IT Industry Groups, MIT Club of Northern California Cleantech Program, and Cooley Godward Kronish LLP. Prior to the event, guests enjoyed touring an Alternative Fuel System Vehicle Showcase, where the Wrightspeed X1 prototype electrical roadster, DaimlerChrysler "F-cell" FCV fuel cell car, "Das Frachtgut" (vegetable – oil fueled bus) and CalCars plug-in hybrid demo car were on display outside, then listened inside as each representative discussed current challenges, changes and opportunities to the California and German alternative fuels markets. The electric, biodiesel, public utility and fuel cell representatives all agreed: while Germany is the leader, California is a key market for cleantech.

I ended up talking to Ralf, a gentleman who made a stopover in Northern California for the GABA event, on his way to North Carolina. His cab was running late, so instead I offered him a ride to SFO. On the ride there, Ralf told me all about being a Business Unit Manager for Siemens Energy and Automation by day, but was cleary passionate about other things… Knowing I worked for Mindjet he enthused his love for the software, saying: “I can’t live without MindManager!” Away from access to MindManager on the road, Ralf then showed me some handwritten notes he’s taken in a mindmap.

I invited Ralf to comment here on the Mindjet Blog, and help with making contact to others in cleantech using MindManager in their passions and professions!"

– Linda Cleary

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