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Mindjet MindManager 7 Takes Off with a BANG!

Today is a big day in Mindjet’s history. We have reached several record highs all thanks to the fantastic response from our customers, bloggers, members of the press, and the industry!

As you may know, yesterday we announced the highly anticipated availability of our MindManager 7 products (MindManager Pro 7, MindManager Lite 7 and MindManager 7 Mac) along with a new Project Management Jetpack, a collection of map templates and a newly renovated Mindjet Map Galleryall available now.

A customer-inspired release, MindManager 7 optimizes both individual and team productivity, is easy to use, and delivers quick results allowing you to work smarter, think creatively, and save time every day!

MindManager 7 has received widespread acclaim with almost 150 pieces of coverage worldwide in the press and blogosphere since the announcement on April 30th.  Journalists and bloggers most commonly praised the product for its powerful new features that makes it easier to interact with ideas and information, increase effectiveness, and improve collaboration. In addition to the positive coverage, nearly 7,000 people have signed up on the Mindjet website for more MindManager 7 information. Mindjet has sold 916,000 licenses to date – that’s about a 36,500 increase in just the last month alone! And we have gone over the  mark with unique visitors to in about a year’s time!

I’d like to thank our loyal customers and enthusiastic supporters throughout the world for largely contributing to the improvements you’ll see in MindManager 7. I encourage you to take it for a test drive and see what everyone’s talking about!

Scott Raskin


Mindjet Corporation

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