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Another Winner from our Mindjet “Mapping the 7 Wonders of Your World” Contest

Taking our Mindjet Internal “Map the 7 Wonders of Your World” contest in another direction, we also wanted to share our second winning map from Erik Swett, Senior Accountant.

Erik says: “The inspiration behind my map came about when I was debating the topic of the 7 Wonders of the World with my friends.  I though about what we would debate, then added the idea that it would have to be done late at night.  I figured any argument would quickly leave the realm of Classical or Natural Wonders and de-evolve into Star Wars, music, and superheroes.  I had to throw in some extra humor because I wanted to try some new functions of MindManager and I wanted people to read what I wrote.  I hoped  I’d be able to start some arguments and gain some level of acceptance with the other nerds of the world.”

Download Erik’s Map Here.


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