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Mindjet Hosts Open XML Developer Workshop with Microsoft at Headquarters

Doug Mahugh has posted a great recap of the Open XML developer workshop Mindjet recently hosted with Microsoft at headquaters. Camera crews captured the event and the recording can be found here.

Doug and Chris Predeek (author and producer of hands-on labs used in Microsoft workshops) co-presented and covered topics like code walkthrough on labs, XML programming in .NET, Open XML packages and APIs. Former Mindjet Solution Platform Product Manager, Michael Scherotter, (now a Microsoft Evangelist) returned to familiar territory to teach the team how Mindjet has used Open XML to give their users the ability to collaborate efficiently with Office 2007 users. For more information on Michael, please check out his blog, Synergist.

Thanks to Doug, Chris, Michael and all our Microsoft guests and attendees. Click here to see pictures from event.  

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