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What’s Your Favorite Web 2.0 Tech Word and Why?

According to a recent article in Yahoo! News, Tech/Web 2.0 words like “Blog”, “Netiquette”, “Cookie” and “Wiki” were voted some of the most irritating words surrounding the Internet, according to a published poll yesterday. A British company, called YouGov, asked 2,091 people earlier this June to participate in the poll, commissioned by a literary award called the Lulu Blooker Prize.

In related news, new cyberspace terms to be added to the Collins English Dictionary include “me-media”, (describes personal content websites like Facebook or MySpace) and “Godcast”, a religious service recorded and later converted to an MP3 format.

To put a more positive spin on the new tech and Web 2.0 lingo debate, we wanted to ask our audience: What’s your FAVORITE Tech/Web 2.0 word? Leave it in a comment here for this posting, to share your thoughts with everyone.

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