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2nd Edition of “Power Tips & Strategies” Features New MindManager Case Histories

The second edition of Chuck Frey’s  “Power Tips & Strategies eBook” was recently released and is now available at this link.

This edition features many MindManager use case examples within its new 20+ mind mapping case histories section (from pages 62-103).

Here’s a sampling of the MindManager customers you’ll find represented there:

-Nick Duffill, CTO of Gyronix, on how he plans projects visually using MindManager

– Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D., on how he uses MindManager to design academic presentations

-Luciano Passuello, on how he uses MindManager to manage a large process improvement project

Richard John Jenkins, CEO of Web Search Engineer, on how he uses MindManager to brainstorm best practices for his company’s Website Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Chuck also adds more interviews with leading mind mapping experts as well as more visual mapping tips and an expanded resource section.

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