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Controlling Chaos Podcast Interviews Michael Deutch on Mindjet’s New Project Management Jetpack

Dina Henry-Scott, from the Controlling Chaos Podcast, recently interviewed Michael Deutch, Mindjet’s Director of Solutions Marketing, on MindManager Pro 7 and Mindjet’s new project management Jetpack. Click here to listen to the Podcast now.

At the Podcast link, you’ll find two free project management map templates available for download (meeting template and project dashboard) as well as a chance to win your own free copy of MindManager 7.

The Jetpack contains a whitepaper that illustrates how to use MindManager Pro to improve your team’s delivery of projects. The guide also contains 15 project delivery map templates as well as 19 project process maps.

To read more about Mindjet’s project management Jetpack offering, visit this link. The Jetpack is also available for purchase in the Mindjet Online Store.


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