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Mindjet’s “Rules for Renegades” Webinar Now Available for Download

If you missed Mindjet’s live "Rules for Renegades" webinar with Christine Comaford-Lynch, you’re in luck- we’ve got the recording for you here.

Christine walks you through the new rules of doing business as an entrepreneur or an intrepreneur, looking for new business ventures within an established company.

The webinar also showcases a great in-depth look at a company wanting to take their business marketing and offerings to the next level, with Christine coaching them every step of the way.

View the Mindjet webinar that has received the most praise to date, now.

Here are just a few comments from live webinar attendees:

"Christine was great and her Rules, tips and commentary were a great benefit to me."

"Very good presentation- live example is excellent."

"Excellent all around-Thanks so much!"

"I wanted to see MindManager in action within a webinar. It is awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to see it. I also love the practical application example for Louis (of Wayfinder Response) applying Rules for Renegades."

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