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MindManager as your ticket to “Grand Central Imagination’

I recently came across a cool personal/work dashboard MindManager map created by Ken Robert, an Exploration Coach. Ken is the creator of and very fittingly calls his map “Grand Central Imagination” in this blog posting. (Note: scroll to middle of page).

In the blog posting, Ken says:

“More and more, I am using mind maps to organize just about everything, which is why I created what I call, “Grand Central Imagination.”  It serves as my main headquarters for just about everything that finds its way inside my head.”

I edited Ken’s map into a template for MindManager customers who might like to use it as a framework to create their own personal/work dashboards.

As for how Ken recommends using mind mapping software for self discovery, he says:

“Take almost any set of exercises from any book you’ve ever read about personal discovery and development and you can turn them into a mind map.  That’s what I plan to do with mind maps in the future – develop a series of mind maps for those purposes.  Create a series of maps in which you explore your options and interests, and before you know it you’ll have an entire atlas, an atlas of your soul.”

Ken also recommends Jamie Nast’s book “Idea Mapping” for self exploration activities using the mind mapping framework.

Download the personal/work dashboard template now.

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