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MacLife Review of MindManager 7 Mac

MacLife’s Stuart Gripman recent review, “Mindjet MindManager (Mac) 7 – Escape the linear nature of note taking by creating mind maps and ask yourself, ‘is this your brain on Mac?’ “ Aug 29, gave a “Solid” rating with a 3 out of 5 squares.

Stuart positively commented on the start-up menu action to guide new users calling this a “welcome sight” with “instructive and well produced” tutorials. After some experimenting, he noted that “the key to formatting is the inspector palette.” Other new features to receive his kudos were outline view, background handling, rules-based filtering, and a presentation timer.

To read the product review in its entirety, go here.

Nice map, Stuart! Makes me wish I would have had MindManager when I took Art History and studied the masterworks of Botticelli!

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