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MindManager 7 Receives 5 out of 5 Stars from!

Read the full article here to find out why highly recommends MindManager Pro 7, calling it “an unusually useful and amazingly creative product.” editors began by putting MindManager Pro 7 through a rigorous review process involving a variety of use cases: “Our business test environments throughout the review period drew praise for easing collaboration and for sustainable improvements in productivity. Our student testers used MindManager for everything from note-taking to project planning.”

The transition of MindManager 7’s User Interface (UI) from use cases to product features, received much praise from editors: “Our view is that the Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office 2007 and in products such as MindManager Pro 7 makes a lot of sense. Basically, the ribbon approach is meant to group contextually similar features and functions in the same place. The future of ribbon interfaces appears to hold more dynamic functionality, automatically grouping and displaying or removing items as you work on a particular project. At the moment, it works quite well, providing logical sets of features and functions for each mode you select.”


Lastly, and most importantly, the article advocates the value of businesses using MindManager for financial gain: “ A couple of months of review in two busy businesses revealed that once staff embraced MindManager Pro 7, their success rate at helping other people more completely understand their ideas and plans improved geometrically. That impressive little fact is what it’s all about. The more thoroughly ideas and plans are understood by all stakeholders during the earliest phases of a project, the more efficiently and successfully the whole thing is going to go. That’s money in the bank.”

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