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Turn your “To Do Lists” into Visual Maps with MindManager

This is a great blog post on “Ten Ideas for Productive Lists”, created recently by Chris Garrett of the Codswallop blog. Check out the blog link to read a full description of each list Chris indentifies here:

  • “To-Do Lists”
  1. Did-Do List
  2. Not-To-Do List
  3. Ranking, Prioritizing and ordering
  4. Recording Ideas
  5. Processes and Procedures
  6. Note-taking
  7. Checklists
  8. Daily Reminders
  9. Writing Top-Ten Articles

Then download Mindjet’s Personal Productivity Dashboard here to begin creating your own visual “To Do List.”

Creating visual maps of my personal “To Do List” action items is something I do regularly. I like using mapping software for it because it’s easy for me to assign dates to each of my items, drag in Outlook contact information (names, phone numbers, emails, addresses) associated with each item, add icons to my “list” for easy filtering, use the “strike out” feature to cross out items and easily update tasks and deadlines using the task information feature, when things change.

Want more from the Codswallop blog? Here is Chris’ most recent post on “Using Mind Maps for Creativity, Note-Taking and Productivity.”

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