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Finding Who’s Reaching Nerdvana through innovative applications

MindManager user, Tris Hussey, will be presenting “Finding Whoa:Reaching Nerdvana Through Innovative Applications” at the upcoming Office 2.0 Conference within the Mobile Productivity track – so definitely check it out.The presentation will take place on Thursday, September 6th from 10:30AM – 11:15AM in the Conservatory of the St. Regis Hotel at 125 3rd Street in SF.

Tris will discuss what it takes to make an amazing productivity application or, as he calls it, a “whoa” application.

The presentation will cover the key parts of “whoa” productivity application and focus on what works, and what doesn’t. Tris will also offer practical examples form his own workflow, which will feature MindManager, among several applications. The presentation is aimed at helping developers understand what they can to do make effective productivity applications.

This is a great precursor to the Mind Mapping Panel Mindjet will presenting at on Friday, September 7th – so please come out to support both!

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