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Map Your Way to Effective Communication in the September 2007 Mindjet User Newsletter, Published Today

Click here to check out the September 2007 Mindjet User Newsletter: Map Your Way to Effective Communication.

This month’s newsletter features:

  • Map Templates: “Communicate Effectively with MindManager 7” and “Using the T.A.P. (Tapping, Arranging, Presenting) Process;”

  • Top Story: Author Cliff Atkinson uses MindManager® 7 to tell a visual story

  • New! Monthly Columns by Celebrated Experts: Jamie Nast, “Using MindManager to Communicate Effectively” and Roger C. Parker, “Stop Writer’s Block Before it Begins;”

  • Tips ‘n Tricks: whether you’re a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced User, this month’s “Tips for Effective Communication with MindManager” is for you;

  • Webinars: “Using MindManager to Plan, Write, Promote, and Profit from a Book,” “Using MindManager to Move Your PowerPoint Presentations Beyond Bullet Points” and “How to Map the Complex Sale;”

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