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MindManager 7 Receives a Blazing 5/5 Star Review from CNET!

CNET’s Daily Download has given MindManager 7 a perfect 5/5 start review! The article highlights both MindManager Pro 7 (Windows) and MindManager 7 Mac versions as applications that help “make the planning phases of a project much easier” and allow you to “map out your thoughts and ideas using an intuitive graphical interface.” The MindManager map template CNET’s editor, Jason Parker, began his MindManager exploration with Mindjet’s “Weekly Planner” template and started filling it out with real tasks from work. “Once I was done filling in my week, I realized how easy it was to plan accordingly for each article, newsletter, and product review with a visual representation right in front of me.”

But Jason also stresses that people shouldn’t “assume MindManager is just a fancy weekly planner. Included templates can help you or your company with decision-making, events, marketing strategies, org charts, writing projects, and really just about anything. Flexibility and ease-of-use are its greatest strengths. Just about anyone could play with the program for a few minutes and understand how to make a map of their own. This makes project collaboration easy because people can add parts to the map or add notes to topics for extra details easily. Finally, when the mind map is finished you can export to several different formats depending on whether its going to be a slide in a presentation, a page for your Web site, or a printout for personal use.”

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