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Second Life Maps Information in 3D Worlds with MindManager

George Kurtz, or “Butch Dae” as his avatar is known, is using MindManager Pro 7 to keep large amounts of information he’s collected from virtual worlds organized and in one central location.

Visit this link to read George’s Technology Column article on “3D Mind Mapping of Virtual Worlds” and check out the MindManager map he’s uploaded into Second Life.

Builder, Llanna Lane, helped George “bring his 2D Mindjet map into SL.” She then assisted George in developing “three representations of the mind map including an interesting 3D tubular display. The display lets avatars get the “big picture” and read node names in the static map using a 3D tube browsing tool. Avatars can actually fly around the information in the tubes”, quotes the author in the article from “The Seven Sun.”

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