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Using MindManager to Achieve Sales Effectiveness

At the recent Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, Stu Schmidt, Vice President for Professional Services at WebEx, presented on the topic of "Sales Process and Measurement." Skip to the minute 17:00 of the presentation to listen to Stu highlighthow WebEx uses MindManager within the sales process.

During an interactive Q&A session Stu elaborates on how MindManager in initial discovery sales calls turning the interactions between the WebEx Sales Rep and the customer into a more collaborative process of "helping them buy." 

"We introduced it (MindManager)," Stu says, "when we started selling consulting around Web Conferencing. And then what we found is that the technique actually translated perfectly into just the normal sales cycle." (Source: Sales 2.0 Conference Transcript of Q&A session for Sales Process and Measurement).

To learn more about how WebEx is using MindManager to acheive Sales Effectiveness, click here.

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