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Mapping Software Discussions Heat Up on LinkedIn

A basic search within the Q&A section of LinkedIn today on "mindmapping" returned 42 lively and passionate threads! Check out these summaries and throw your knowledge and expertise into the mix. Perhaps they’ll even inspire you to start your own thread.  

The mapping threads turned up a wide variety of questions and themes:

Advice on user preferred mapping software programs on Windows and Mac

Calls for "tips n’ tricks"

Leads on mapping support groups

Mapping special interest groups (Example: Tablet PC users)

Testimonials and use case scenarios on using mapping software for everything from websites to new products and projects, to training courses.

Conceptual discussions about best practices within the workplace for visual collaboration and innovation

Check out the mapping software threads on LinkedIn now by loggin in, searching under "Answers" and typing in the keyword "mindmapping. Also look for more developments in this area, coming soon.

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